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Image by Sergey Sokolov

From Constantine's Casebook:

Byron Constantine is a detective with Sherlockian deductive skills. So why can't he figure out his own little mystery? From the black eye that appeared overnight to the abrupt change in seasons, something isn't adding up. 

Image by Annie Spratt

The Glade of Sion O'Shea:

Aisling didn't think he was real. Sionn O'Shea was an imaginary friend invented out of loneliness. But when her father grows ill and she returns to the moorland, her imaginary friend may be her only hope.


Image by Beat Schuler

Keepers of the Zodiac Teaser:

Thrown headlong into an interstellar realm of mystery, magic, and tyranny, can Serena find her place in the Universe before she needs to save it? Access the Prologue and first four chapters of this epic Space Opera.

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