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Constantine Capers: Flashes of Memory

Constantine Capers: Flashes of Memory

The last time Byron Constantine took a case from Her Majesty, he lost his memory. But even he knows not to refuse Queen Victoria.

When Mira Blayse agreed to be a personal secretary to an amnesiac detective, she never expected to be invited to Buckingham Palace, yet here she is meeting with the Prime Minister. They are assigned to protect the British Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire. But neither knew that this would lead to murder, espionage, and not one, but three mysteries. 

After an encounter with a woman from his past, Byron begins to regain his memory bit by bit. At first Mira is overjoyed at his recovery, but it soon becomes apparent that he still forgets her each time he wakes up.

This new development, family expectations and the ever looming Order of Circe all threaten their unique partnership, the truth, and their lives. With Mira’s heart pulled every which way, she struggles to accept that the man she loves will never remember her.

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