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Keepers of the Zodiac

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Within the white marbled halls of the Zodiac Palace, the Great Dragon waits. At the dark chaotic maw of the abyss, the Divine Augury watches​ And on the top of the Cascade in nowhere Nevada, the next Keeper of the Zodiac wishes.

Serena Morelli had plans. Good ones. Finish the semester, become an astronaut, and watch another meteor shower. In no particular order.

Now she has a fallen star in her pocket, lightning at her fingertips, and a man named Pharos Everleigh on her doorstep. Thrown headlong into an interstellar realm of mystery, magic, and tyranny, can Serena find her place in the Universe before she needs to save it?

The first title in "The 13th Zodiac" series is certain not to disappoint.

Image by Carolina Munemasa
Image by Beat Schuler

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It's like taking a spaceship for a test drive.

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The scope of this book is huge, stretching all the way to the beginning of time itself. The set pieces and action sequences are super-massive and breathtaking. A book this ambitious risks collapsing on itself, but this one lands well. And the climax is simultaneously heartbreaking and hopeful.


For a person not typically enthralled by sci-fi, I'd have to say this book surpassed expectations. I was interested in the story from the get-go and enjoyed every minute of it.


I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys either genre, or for someone who just enjoys reading something new and fresh. The novel is family friendly, and as such can be read by all age groups. I cannot wait for the next part is the series to release. So if you're looking to snuggle up and dive into a brave new world, you've reached your destination.

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