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Writing Samples

Image by Serge Kutuzov

Batman vs Kierkegaard


AKA The Dark Knight of Resignation and the Butler of Faith.

This paper was written for a final Senior Seminar to demonstrate an understanding of the teachings and philosophy of Kierkegaard as well as show how those philosophies can apply to pop culture.

Image by Johnny Briggs

The Glade of Sionn O'Shea

Creative Fiction

This short story was written for a contest with the simple prompt "Mirror." In pursuing the project, extensive research was needed, including reaching out to contacts in Ireland for sensitivity and cultural accuracy analysis. It also had a word count limit of 5000, which I adhered to.

Details from jeans pants_edited_edited.jpg

The Nothing

Creative Non-Fiction

This is an example of my creative non-fiction work. It's written from my personal experience of losing my father and the grief that comes with that.

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