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Image by Meina Yin

Natalie Brianne's Tragic Backstory

Okay. Maybe not so tragic.

Natalie Brianne’s love of writing might be traced back to an old Rainbow Macintosh Laptop she received for her 8th birthday. Perhaps it came from years of storytelling and the discipline of wonder. Or maybe, she was born to write and didn’t realize it until a book sprung out of her fingertips somewhere between a house in Pleasant Grove, Utah and a bus on its way to Edinburgh, Scotland. 
She received her degree in Interdisciplinary Humanities from BYU. While she could have studied English or Creative Writing, she opted to learn more about culture, distant lands, and people in hopes of writing better stories. Much of her first book, Constantine Capers: The Pennington Perplexity was written when she lived at 27 Palace Court, London, walking the streets as if she were her characters.
While her interests in writing spread across genres, you can always expect her work to be imaginative, clean, and clever. 
When Natalie isn’t writing, she’s illustrating, voice acting, playing the guitar very badly, traveling and forgetting that she has vegetables in her fridge.

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