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The Pennington Perplexity

Aspiring artist Mira Blayse isn’t concerned with upper-tier society or conforming to Victorian expectations—she has a murder to solve. At least, she thinks it was murder. Her parents’ deaths in 1870 couldn’t have been by accident, but the more she investigates, the less she seems to find. Sitting at a café, she sketches a mysterious stranger, not realizing that she’s penciling in the features of the man who will help her solve the case once and for all.

Byron Constantine lives day-to-day, desperately trying to hold onto his memories, only for them to slip through his fingers. Some days, he doesn’t even know that he’s lost four years of his life. As he manages to continue his work as a private detective, he realizes that maybe he doesn’t need his memory after all. That is until he wants to remember Mira Blayse. 

With her keen eye for detail and his remarkable deductive skills, the two become entangled in a criminal investigation. As they uncover the secrets of the past, they must work together to stop history from repeating itself again. 

15th Annual Whitney Awards Finalist

Fly with Me by Julie Hahn

Eleven-year-old Jessa Newberry desperately wants to fit in with the popular girls, but on the first day of middle school, she makes a fool of herself in front of the whole class. On top of that, she’s having these strange dreams about Sidney, a friend she hasn’t seen since kindergarten. Together in her dreams, they fly around Dreamland, a magical world with ice cream trees and cotton candy clouds. 

When Jessa meets Sidney in real life at a cancer fun run, she discovers that Sidney is having the same dream. When Jessa is diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma and her friends from school stop talking to her, Dreamland becomes the place she wants to be, and Sidney becomes the best friend she’s always needed. 

But Dreamland is in danger. The ice cream trees are melting, the candy has gone rotten, and children are disappearing. Even Sidney has gone missing. Can Jessa save both her friend and the haven she has grown to love?

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Under the Viaduct by H. L. Anderson

Kaylee’s thesis project could get her killed. She’s determined to move forward with it anyway, especially after finding and meeting Mama C and her band of homeless young people. As Kaylee gets more deeply embroiled in the lives of this makeshift family, she realizes her thesis isn’t what’s important, but the real lives and broken families of those living on the streets. And she wants to help.

When she first meets Blayne, the oldest member of Mama C’s “family”, she senses his strong dislike for her—it could be the way he derisively calls her “college girl” every chance he gets. But she also sees something else behind those ice-blue eyes—a fierce loyalty to and protectiveness of the elderly woman at the center of Kaylee’s probe.

As Kaylee discovers there’s more to Blayne than dirty clothes, an unkempt beard, and a dark past, she finds herself unable to stay away, even when things become dangerous. 

Within the despair of homelessness and all that comes with it, Mama C sparks hope in countless others who thought they’d lost it. Can Kaylee help keep that spark going, or will she lose it all when she digs too deep into Mama C’s past?

Image by Michael Dziedzic

What are Listeners Saying?


This was my first experience with Natalie Brianne's work, and I was entertained. I liked the characters and their persistence in spite of either society pressures or personal issues. The mystery was complicated. Natalie Brianne's narration was good as her voice was pleasant. 


Love love loved!! This was exactly what I was needing! It was so entertaining! 
Going into it I had zero expectations which probably helped. The beginning felt a little slow but that’s most likely because I was listening to it at a slower speed to catch the world building details. Once hearts got involved, I was invested!

This was a great story and a fun read! Loved listening to it. Would recommend!


This is a great book. I found myself wanting to listen to it more after starting it. The narration is pretty good (I hear that the author/narrator does other voice acting as well). It's a good read / listen, and I'm sad that the next book in the series isn't on audiobook yet, but I'll definitely be buying it when it does!


This was a great story and a fun read! Loved listening to it. Would recommend!


I’ve been wanting to read Natalie Brianne’s books for a while. I’m glad I got started with this one. It’s sometimes strange when an author reads their own fictional work. But once in a blue moon, it’s pulled off! Great work! Can’t wait to read more,

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